Our Alchemy

The progressive alchemy we use is the ultimate tool to your true self.

1 bottle is included with the 30 day Transformation - Personal Mastery Mentoring.

Alchemy involves transforming your inner world in order to manifest changes in your external reality. This practice entails the Universe responding to you, resulting in positive shifts in your life. It enables you to let go of harmful habits and toxic situations, and heal from past traumas. You can open up new opportunities that were previously inaccessible to you. Additionally, it involves using your personal power to manipulate spacetime according to your desires. If you seek to tap into the ancient and powerful forces of the universe, Alchemy is the path to follow and add to your toolkit.


Our first level alchemy created by a master alchemist to start the clearing and purifying process. Gentle but strong... Start with 3-5 drops daily.


Step 2 involves restoring balance to your subtle bodies, which leads to a harmonious alignment that facilitates the removal of any dense energy. This process builds upon the foundation of Step 1 by delving deeper into your energetic state. Start with 3-5 drops daily.




Step 3 is where the deep clearing starts. Step 1 and Step 2 has worked on with more surface stuff, but Step 3 now knows you're prepared to take a more significant jump.


Step 4 is for those ready for some powerful stuff. This reaches so much deeper, if you're ready.