Life is unpredictable and can throw us unexpected curveballs that can change the course of our lives. It could be the loss of a loved one, a breakup, losing a job, or anything in between that triggers the catalyst for change. These experiences can be a turning point, forcing us to question ourselves and our lives, asking what we have created so far and what we truly want.


During this journey of change, we may find ourselves in a dark night of the soul, also known as the void. It's a time of nothingness, loss of motivation and inspiration, filled with emptiness and confusion. We may feel like we don't know which direction to go in, or what to do next. However, this void is also an opportunity for emotional detox, shedding old self, energies, and thought patterns.

mountain pass during sunrise
mountain pass during sunrise



Every moment is an opportunity for change, and it's up to us to seize it. Mastering the moment is the key to creating our reality. Our thoughts and emotions are magnetic, what we think and how we feel is what we create. Therefore, we can make a new reality in each moment.

To master our lives, we must master each moment. It's easy to get caught up in the chaos of life, but taking a step back and reflecting on our thoughts and emotions can help us create a better reality. Remember, change is always possible, and it's up to us to take control and create the life we want.

The Void

The Middle Path

It's essential to understand that this moment is powerful - a moment of neutrality, where all things can be created. It's like hitting the reset button, taking the time to re-examine our lives, reflect on what we want, what we need to let go of, and where we want to go.

blue and black butterfly on brown stick
blue and black butterfly on brown stick
assorted-color lear hanging decor
assorted-color lear hanging decor


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